Our mission is to provide quality services, public awareness, and integrated community supports for children, adults, and families facing social, emotional, and/or developmental challenges.


Supported Employment Programs extend the natural supports concept by connecting developmentally disabled people with skills training and paid employment. Meaningful employment gives individuals a measure of financial independence and fosters their self-confidence and sense of belonging in the community. Work situations also provide opportunities for social interaction, enhanced communication skills, and help in developing natural support networks.

In FY 2013:

  • 36 individuals were helped to get and keep jobs in local businesses
  • 39 extended family members received services to help them better understand how to address the emotional and developmental needs of their developmentally disabled family member(s).

  • The program staff worked with the following businesses: Angelina’s Restaurant, Bean Coffee House, Black Mesa Golf Course, Chama Grocery, Clean World Laundry, Dos Amigos Restaurant, Española Schools, Henry’s Hardware, Hilltop Inn, Innovative Health At Home, Jicarilla Grocery, Lowe’s Supermarket, McDonalds, New Mexico Office Products, OHKAY Travel Center, Pizza Hut, Professional Hair Design, Rio Valley Ford, Sagebrush Construction, Santa Clara Tribal Schools & Administration, Smith’s Supermarket, Snow Bird Travel Mart, Subway, Sundial Gas Station, Walmart, and Z-4 Tractor