Every year as Spring rolls in, the Las Cumbres preschool staff are readying canvases and the preschoolers are donning shiny vinyl aprons to make priceless original art, preparing for the Annual Conjunto Preschool Art Exhibit.

This year's exhibition, “Artistas Jovenes del Valle” will feature the lively canvases and wood and clay art by the preschool’s four-year-olds. Please join us for the opening reception, Friday, April 10th from 5pm to 7pm. The exhibit will run until April 29 at the Bond House Museum in Española. 

Conjunto art sqwiggle

Conjunto art sqwiggle

conjunto art 6

Many may think that art projects for young children are just “marking time” until they start learning “important subjects”, but in fact art making is an important foundation for future learning. Children develop life skills through the process of making art that include communication skills, problem-solving, social and emotional skills, fine motor skills, and self-expression and creativity. From an interview with a number of student artists before last year’s exhibition, one can deduce what the young artists are thinking as they create their dynamic paintings. One young lady spoke up, saying, “I’m going to make a mermaid, Ariel. She does jump up out of the water. This water is splashing up to here”.

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