Chama playground 2

Chama playground 2

Chama 4

Chama 4
With enthusiastic support of the local fire chief, Eleanor Daggett Memorial library staff, Rotary Club, and volunteer parents, Chama will soon boast a brand new outdoor play space for children ages one to four!

Chama playground 1

Chama playground 1

Las Cumbres’ staff Margo Brace, who spearheaded the project, tells us that while construction was temporarily delayed due to recent weather, the sandbox and climbing structure will be finished soon. Construction is underway with the help of a contingent of “good guys”, Margo goes on to explain. The new play area will be located on a 1,000 square foot lawn situated just east of the Chama firehouse, with thanks, as well, for approval from the Village Council of Chama. 

Funding for the project is possible, in part, with the assistance of the New Mexico Community Foundation.

For more information about services offered by Las Cumbres in Chama, including the Story Hour at the library, telephone 505.795.4681.


Administrative Office

Please note that if you are seeking information on Child and Family services in Española, please refer calls or fax referrals to Española Early Childhood Services Center numbers below- 
For referrals or information on programs in Santa Fe, see
Santa Fe listing below.
Thank You!

102 N. Coronado
Espanola, NM 87532
phone 505.629.1813
fax 505.747.0421

Española Early Childhood Center

404 Hunter Street
Española, NM 87532
phone: 505.753.4123
fax: 505.753.6947

For referrals, ask to speak to Rebecca Quintana at ext 103

Adult Services

104 N. Coronado
Española, NM 87532
phone: 505.747.4715
fax: 505.747.4524

TTY/TDD/Audio Relay 711 National Voice Relay available:
Dial 711 to be automatically connected to a Telecommunications Relay Service operator who can initiate a call from any telephone, anywhere in the United States.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Early Childhood Center(including Family Infant Toddler/Early Intervention)

1911 Fifth St., Suite 100
Santa Fe, NM 87505
phone: 505.955.0410
fax: 505.955.8577

Los Alamos
(Adult Home)

2056 Peach Street
Los Alamos, NM 87544
phone: 505.662.4703 [Women’s Apartment]
phone: 505.662.7653 [Men’s Apartment]

Chama Office

493 Terrace Ave., Suite 1
Chama, NM 87520
phone: (c/o) Espanola Early Childhood Center

To make a referral into Chama FIT program,
tele 505.753.4123, and speak to Rebecca Quintana,
ext 103

Taos Office

1337 Gusdorf Rd., #O
Taos, NM 87571
phone 575.224.3197
fax: 575.224.3198

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