Agency's Taos Paso a Paso Family Navigator Continues Outreach

Las Cumbres' Taos-based Paso a Paso Family Navigator has been busy in recent months. Community outreach is underway as the family navigator visits schools, including preschools, meetings with local teachers; initiating informational visits to doctors' offices and the public health office, as well as introductory communication with law enforcement officers and other agencies that have regular contact with families with young families. Creation of a Taos County Family Resource Guide is in process for future distribution as the agency recognizes a priority need of families for information about the availability of housing.

For answers to questions about the program, please telephone 575.224.3197 or 575.770.6343. 

Seeking to nurture families with children ages 0-8, Las Cumbres' family navigator in Taos connects families to community resources, supports, and services. Potential help is provided in  finding child care, child support, employment services, nutrition and food security, legal services, substance abuse intervention, and more.

Agency's Grandparents Program and Conjunto Preschool Receive Awards

Las Cumbres' Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program in Rio Arriba and Conjunto Therapeutic Preschool both received grant awards in recent months from Con Alma Health Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico's Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® initiative.

Con Alma Health Foundation awarded the agency $10,000 for its existing Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) program for grandparents in Rio Arriba, Los Alamos, and northern Santa Fe counties. The program benefits grandparents raising grandchildren due to the absence of the children’s biological parents in many cases as a result of drug abuse, domestic violence, poverty, incarceration or other issues. The grant award will assist the agency in their work to address challenges faced by grandparents raising children “a second time around”. The program oversees support groups, provides education and information, and aims to expand its outreach to others in the state through the GRG website (www, With even more extensive outreach, the program can lead to an expansion of awareness across the state, strengthen advocacy by helping other homegrown programs develop, and potentially establish a broader impact on health systems across the state as it affects children and their families.

HealthyKidsHealthyFamilies logo

Conjunto Therapeutic Preschool has received a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) through its Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® initiative. Healthy Kids, Healthy  Families is a signature program of BCBSNM which focuses on engaging children and their families in understanding the importance of nutritious food, raising the level of physical activity, improving immunization rates, better management of chronic conditions, and promoting safe environments. Conjunto was awarded $25,000 through this generous donation from BCBSNM. As a cutting edge environment for preschoolers, Conjunto is unique in its early childhood approach addressing both the educational and social/emotional domains of child development. The majority of students who attend the preschool are growing up in an environment of poverty, family instability, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, inadequate nutrition, and rural isolation. Exposure to these types of traumatic exposures leaves children at greater risk for educational development and/or behavioral difficulties that may have a lasting negative impact as they grow into adolescence and adulthood. Enrolled are young children with developmental and emotional challenges as well as children who may be at risk for such challenges. These children are joined in the classroom with peers who are considered to be developing “typically". Conjunto, which translates to “all together”, provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere where the preschoolers can constructively express feelings while cultivating their language, understanding, and motor and self-help skills.

Las Cumbres is grateful for the on-going support of these and all its important funders!


Administrative Office

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For referrals, ask to speak to Rebecca Quintana at ext 129

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