Agency's Low Birth Weight Prevention Program in the News

Las Cumbres' ¡Que Cute! Healthy Baby Program's excellent work is being noticed. Las Cumbres Community Services' Que Cute Low Birth Weight Prevention services were recently featured in an Albuquerque Journal North article. Read more about it here to better understand the unique and important work being done by agency ¡Que Cute! Prevention Advocate, Ana Morelos.  

¡Que Cute! continues to provide high quality care for expecting mothers who need help navigating the often complicated business of accessing needed services. From the article

Morelos’ work entails assisting moms identified as at high risk for giving birth to low birth weight babies to find the assistance they need from various medical and social help networks. Going it alone can cause stress, and stress in pregnancy is one of the risk factors for low birth weight babies.

The structure of Las Cumbres Community Services’ ¡Que Cute! “navigation” program has served as a model for a much broader initiative launched recently in Santa Fe County, organizers say. (Wren Propp, ABQ Journal North, 8/11/17).

Click on the link above to read the full story. To schedule an appointment or inquire about assistance, call Ana at 505.500.2782.

Santa Fe Offices Moving August 1st to New Location

Las Cumbres recently expanded our Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Early Intervention services to Santa Fe County. FIT will join our family of services in Santa Fe. In order to accomodate this expansion the Santa Fe office has relocated to a larger space. We are excited to announce that as of August 1st, services will be provided at our new building.

The address of the new facility is 1911 Fifth Street, Suite 100, off of St. Michael’s Drive, located very near the local CYFD offices. We look forward to opening up the space to increased play therapy, early intervention and assessment rooms, support groups, and community meetings. Services, listed below, remain free to families with young children. With the addition of FIT, the site will become one of the most comprehensive Early Childhood Centers in Santa Fe and in Northern New Mexico.   

Programs moving into our new Santa Fe offices:

  • Community Infant Program Behavioral Health Services
  • Confident Parenting Home Visiting
  • Family Infant Toddler/Early Intervention Services
  • Family Navigation and Family Support Services
  • First Judicial District Infant Team
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program
  • ¡Que Cute! Healthy Baby Low Birth Weight Prevention and Advocacy

The main office telephone and FAX numbers will not change:
Ph 505.955.0410
FAX 505.955.8577

We look forward to welcoming you to our new offices!

Grand Opening Soon for New Preschool Playground in Chama!

Chama playground 2

Chama 4With enthusiastic support of the local fire chief, Eleanor Daggett Memorial library staff, Rotary Club, and volunteer parents, Chama will soon boast a brand new outdoor play space for children ages one to four!

Chama playground 1

Las Cumbres’ staff Margo Brace, who spearheaded the project, tells us that while construction was temporarily delayed due to recent weather, the sandbox and climbing structure will be finished soon. Construction is underway with the help of a contingent of “good guys”, Margo goes on to explain. The new play area will be located on a 1,000 square foot lawn situated just east of the Chama firehouse, with thanks, as well, for approval from the Village Council of Chama. 

Funding for the project is possible, in part, with the assistance of the New Mexico Community Foundation.

For more information about services offered by Las Cumbres in Chama, including the Story Hour at the library, telephone 505.795.4681.

Annual Board Meeting and Election of New Officers

The annual meeting and election of the Board of Directors for Las Cumbres Community Services took place on March 2nd resulting in the following vital, new and continuing officers:

Kristi Silva, Board President, moves into the role after formerly serving as Board Vice President
Michael Hall, Vice President, former Member
Mustafa Chudnoff continues with the agency as Board Treasurer
Erika Spallitta also continues in her capacity as Board Secretary
Brandy Van Pelt (former Board President) remains on the Board as a Member
Lore Pease continues as Member

Invitation to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson

With the recent confirmation of Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development and recognizing that the availability of decent and affordable housing for many families in nothern New Mexico is scarce, we propose that Dr. Carson visit New Mexico. Below is an exceprt from Albuquerque Journal guest column written by Las Cumbres employee Siena Sanderson, a Family Navigator, assisting families in Taos County with access to much needed and often vital community resources and services. As Sanderson states, housing is quickly becoming a pressing social determinant of health outcomes. 

"Let's Invite Ben Carson to visit New Mexico" (January 23, 2017) During Dr. Ben Carson’s nominating hearing he mentioned his intention to do a “listening tour” once he assumed his responsibility as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development to help him determine the country’s housing needs. I would like New Mexico to join me in inviting Dr. Carson to make New Mexico his first stop. We are amidst a housing crisis not unlike much of America.

I am currently working as a family navigator for Las Cumbres Community Services in Taos, where I connect families to community resources. There is no doubt the difficulty in finding affordable housing is one of the greatest challenges our families face every day. The majority of families we work with are low income. The local Housing Authority has nearly 1,000 people on their wait lists. There are several low income projects built with Tax Credit Housing funds but not nearly enough to address the magnitude of need. I expect this is the case across the state of New Mexico.

We must look at housing as a health issue as it is a social determinant of health outcomes. According to the policy.mic website, in New Mexico one would need to work 64-plus hours a week to pay for a market rate one bedroom apartment if you earn minimum wage and your housing burden is one-third of your income. That does not leave much time for healthy family life, especially when many our families are single mothers ... If people cannot find stable housing, their children will suffer socially and emotionally.

The many providers who work with the housing crisis in our state would like very much to meet with Dr. Carson during his “listening tour.” He said, “I want to hear from the people with boots on the ground who are administering programs.” Well, we should send the message to Dr. Carson that our boots are on the ground and we promise to talk and hope he will listen. 

Visit the agency's Family Navigation services page for more information on what is provided through the program. 

Office Locations


Early Childhood Center

404 Hunter Street
Española, NM 87532
phone: 505.753.4123
fax: 505.753.6947
Administrative Office
102 N. Coronado
Española, NM 87532
phone: 505.629.1813
fax: 505.747.0421

Santa Fe

All Santa Fe programs
now operating at

1911 Fifth St., Suite 100
Santa Fe, NM 87505
phone: 505.955.0410
fax: 505.955.8577

Early Intervention Services,
having expanded into
Santa Fe County effective
July 1st, will also be moving
to new Santa Fe location
on August 1st.

Adult Services

104 N. Coronado
Española, NM 87532
phone: 505.747.4715
fax: 505.747.4524

Los Alamos Adult Home

2056 Peach Street
Los Alamos, NM 87544
phone: 505.662.4703 [Women’s Apartment]
phone: 505.662.7653 [Men’s Apartment]

Chama Office

493 Terrace Ave., Suite 1
Chama, NM 87520
phone: 575.756.2891

Taos Office

1332 Gusdorf Rd., #A
Taos, NM 87571
phone: 575.224.3197
fax: 575.224.3198

Locations and Directions